Cloud Currency Educational Package

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Beyond Bitcoin - The Future of Digital Currency Beyond Bitcoin BOOK

You will receive a link to the digital version of Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency. This eBook describes what money is, why digital money will dominate the future, the perfect money possible and, the utopian and dystopian potential of digital currencies, how money got started, and how we can protect our right to use money.


CloudCoin Consumer Edition Consumer Edition

You will recieve Cosumers Edition Desktop software for Windows. (There are other programs for Mac, Android and Linux). Consumer's Edition manages your CloudCoins like a cash register. It powns (password owns) your new CloudCoin 200 times faster than other software. It stores them safely in your bank folder until you exports them as jpeg files or text files.


CloudCoin University

Includes links to private videos that can only be seen by link holder. Vidoes inlude:


1 CloudCoin 1s 1 Included 5
5 CloudCoin 5s 1 Included 25
25 CloudCoin 25s 1 Included 125
100 CloudCoin 100s 1 Included 500
250 CloudCoin 250s 0
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